Heide at Home

While our doors are closed we will continue to share news and programs, giving you sneak peeks of exhibitions, keeping you informed about the Heide gardens, and providing some creative activities for adults and kids alike.

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Exhibitions at Home

Join senior curator Kendrah Morgan for a tour of the new exhibition Joy Hester: Remember Me.

Art Challenges

Still life painting challenge

Take on the Heide at Home Still Life Painting Challenge!

Paint a still life inspireed by a Heide circle artist and enter it into our painting competition.

Find out more here.

© the artist

Heide at Home LEGO challenge

Take on the Heide at Home LEGO Challenge!

Build a sculpture inspireed by a Heide collection work and enter it into our LEGO competition.

This challenge is now closed but you can view all of the outstanding submissions here

© the artist

Heide at Home Clay Challenge

Using clay or play dough make a vessel of any shape or size inspired by a Heide circle artist.

This challenge is now closed but you can view all of the outstanding submissions here.

© the artist

Heide at Home Drawing Challenge

Draw a portrait of yourself, friend or loved one in the style of one of the Heide circle portraits and enter it into the Heide at Home drawing competition.

This challenge is now closed but you can view all of the outstanding submissions here

Albert Tucker, Self Portrait 1942, pen and ink on paper, 26 x 20 cm, Bequest of John and Sunday Reed 1982, © Albert & Barbara Tucker Foundation. Courtesy of Sotheby's Australia

Creative workshops for kids and families

Kelly at the Mall

Mel Hartigan's entertaining story re-imagines cultural icon Ned Kelly at the shopping mall. Inspired by Sidney Nolan's painting, Kelly at the Mine, this contemporary narrative is playfully told in rhyme and accompanied by vibrant hand-drawn illustrations.

Tailored to achieve outcomes in the year 5–6 English and Visual Art curricula, this resource invites you to create your own illustrated book by reimagining the character and story of Ned Kelly.

Watch the video here, view the PDF and download the learning resource.

© the artist

Moon Boy: Pillowcase

Follow these instructions to design your own pillowcase inspired by Sidney Nolan’s Moon Boy (1940).

© the artist

Mikala Dwyer: Sculpture

Inspired by Mikala Dwyer’s Necklace for Wall, design and make a sculptural necklace for your wall using a variety of materials and techniques.

Follow these instructions to make your own sculptural necklace.

© the artist

Albert Tucker: Working with TEXTURE

Albert Tucker experimented with a variety of materials to build up a sense of depth in his paintings and give the surfaces an earth-like quality.

Follow these instructions to make your own textured artworks.

© the artist

Print making workshop

Inspired by Melinda Harper’s colourful prints, use colour, shape and pattern to create your own handprinted designs.

Follow these instructions to make your own patterned paper using stamps cut form easily sourced, household materials.

Melinda Harper, Untitled 2016, watercolour, screenprinted gouache and graphite on paper, 40.5 x 30 cm, Gift of Melinda Harper 2016, © Melinda Harper

Make a Sprout Heart Garden

Make a sprout heart garden inspired by Sunday Reed’s heart garden at Heide!

Download the instructions or the extended learning resource for schools and teachers.

© the artist

The Art of Poetry for Mother's Day

Celebrate mum by creating a beautiful, heartfelt poem! Inspired by Heide’s collection of concrete poetry, this workshop offers an array of ideas to create a bespoke poetic art work that your mum can treasure forever.

Download the instructions

Sweeney Reed, Rose I 1977, embossed etching, 38 x 38 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, gift of Pamela, Mishka and Danila McIntosh, © Estate of Sweeney Reed

Art and Nature

Gather leaves, twigs and flowers from your garden or local park and use them to create a stunning sculptural piece or a nature collage with a focus on colour, repetitian and pattern.

Sculptural piece instructions and video

Nature Collage instructions and video

Download the Learning Extension Resource for teachers and students.

© the artist

Make a Mirka Mora-Inspired Dolls House

Learn how to combine Mirka Mora's dolls and create your very own dolls house at home.

Download and print the template and watch our fun video tutorial to get started!

Want to continue learning? Download the Learning Extension Resource.

Learn more about Mirka’s work and other amazing artists in the beautifully illustrated picture book Women Artists A-Z. Available to purchase from the Heide Shop.

Mirka Mora dolls house still, © the artist

Construct your own caravan

Learn how to construct your own caravan based on Pont de l'Archevêché by Bob Jenyns!

Download the instructions and either a black and white template (if you want to design your own) or a colour template to get started.

Watch our fun video tutorial to help you along the way.