Dean Cross Sometimes I Miss the Applause

5 February 29 May 2022
Kerry Gardner & Andrew Myer Project Gallery
Melissa Keys
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Dean Cross was raised on NunaWul Nambree Country and is an artist of Worimi descent, with a background in contemporary dance and choreography. His cross-disciplinary practice often confronts the legacies of modernism, rebalancing dominant cultural and social histories. With a particular focus on the life, work and persona of Sidney Nolan, for his Heide commission Cross has developed a dual channel moving image work that draws upon some of Nolan’s most recognisable imagery, including his stylised Ned Kelly helmet. Wearing Nolan’s likenesses as a series of masks, Cross creates a complex narrative in which autobiographical moments from both his and Nolan’s life become inextricably intertwined, suggesting a series of convergences, cultural collisions and slippages in time. With Sometimes I Miss the Applause, Cross explores Heide as simultaneously a site of Australian modernity and millennia of First Nations cultural practice.

Dean Cross, Self Portrait as Sidney Nolan's Self Portrait 1943 2021, Image courtesy of the artist and Yavuz Gallery Sydney & Singapore