Cry of the Land

20 March 15 August 2021
Albert & Barbara Tucker Gallery
Alice Dickins (guest curator)
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Inspired by Albert Tucker’s active support of environmental conservation, Cry of the Land charts diverse and often moving interpretations of the Australian landscape, compelling us to confront the devastating long-term effects of drought, fire, flood and human destruction. The exhibition includes works by Australian modernists such as Tucker, Sidney Nolan and Fred Williams, and by a range of contemporary practitioners including First Nations artists Julie Gough, Dale Harding, Karla Dickens and Katie West. Utilising differing media and means, these artists explore our instinctive connection to place and call for meaningful action to address the climate crisis.

Karla Dickens, Mother’s Little Helpers V 2019, inkjet print, 67 x 20 cm, Image courtesy of the artist and Andrew Baker Art Dealer
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